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  • The only VPN you can trust to be a secure tunnel is your own VPN deployed and configured by you, and you also must be in full control of both of the VPN endpoints for that

    Not compromised VPNs are Hotspot Shield hotspotshield.com, Psiphon psiphon.ca, Tachyon tachyon.eco, Lantern getlantern.org, Windscribe windscribe.com, Assguard assguard.app, Tor browser torproject.org

    * Free versions have daily or monthly free traffic limits and limited amount of servers you may connect to

  • "... I have been subscribing Betmeteor for a more than 5 years and I'm really happy today with his content. And the most important thing that I can stake on the main markets with his picks..." - Kim Jong-un, Supreme leader of North Korea

    "... Благодаря Бетметеору я уже много лет легко обыгрываю этот букмекерский супостат... (Thanks to Betmeteor, I have been easily beating the ***ies for many years)" - Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

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