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Yes, but first coffee Hello and welcome :) I am Betmeteor, the odds specialist '83 with many years of experience in the match fixing identification in Russian football...

It is no secret that 97% of all bettors lose because of lack of knowledge or the wrong mindset. Professionalism in sports betting means much more than just throwing out some picks... We need to get an advantage over the bookies to be in 3% of winners...

3 ways to win

Yield is min. 20%

I have been using these 3 ways since May '21 in my sports be$ting experience. And you can see the stats at

Do you want to get my be$ting experience and backstage in socilas?

... Do you want to get an advantage over the bookies with more than 20% of the Yield and increase your winnings more and more with minimal risks?

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I also have a hobby like watching TV (especially the Moroccan championship, it is very atmospheric and the matches start late). Of course tequila, coffee and chocolate are delicious for me. No nightclubs, no vodka, they are very hard

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