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Why the best?

It is no secret that 97% of all bettors lose because of lack of knowledge or the wrong mindset. Professionalism in sports betting means much more than just throwing out some picks. Yes, we are in 3% of winners!

Do you want to beat the bookies? Do you want to win money with our big family of winners?

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My recommendations

Updated 30 Jun 2021

The main recommendation is to use trusted VPNs to be safe and protect your personal information.

100% Security + Privacy

Keep in mind that the one who provides your internet connection (including VPN) must be your most trusted party. The only VPN you can trust to be a secure tunnel is your own VPN deployed and configured by you, and you also must be in full control of both of the VPN endpoints for that.

90% Security (not compromised VPNs)

  • Hotspot Shield
  • Windscribe
  • TunnelBear
  • * Free versions have daily or monthly free traffic limits and limited amount of servers you may connect to

When no need to secure personal information

  • Tor browser
  • Psiphon
  • Stealthy
  • Ultrasurf

Updated 29 Jul 2021

Recommendations for everyone are to bet at bookies that accept customers from your country, also have a valid license status, long time in business, also have a good reputation, with options for depositing and withdrawing funds that are suitable for you.


  • Pinnacle
  • Betfair
  • 188bet
  • Bet365

Reliable, with solid reputation

  • Sbobet
  • 18bet
  • William Hill

In addition, you can bet at local bookmakers. If website is unavailable in your location, please read the recommendation for accessing in previous article What VPN to use ...

Updated 17 Nov 2019

Let's say we have $10000 and we want to invest in sports betting. So, we will open an online bookmakers account and we will put those $10000 on it. For simple example, we will say, that we decided, that we will bet exactly one game each day in next 365 days. Every bet size will be exactly $100. After one year, we made 365 bets, $100 each. We won 195 bets and lost 170 bets. Right now we have $12760 on our account. We made (his profit) +$2760 in this case.

  • Yield is the betting efficiency. It is profit / sum of all stakes. Profit in our example is +$2760 and we made 365 bets * $100 = $36500. Yield = 2760 / 36500 = 0.07562. Our yield is 7.562%.
  • ROI is the return of investment. It is return (net profit) / resources that were committed (investment). In our example, we made +$2760 of profit with the starting money (this is our investment, not turnover) of $10000. Our ROI in this example is 2760 / 10000 = 27.60%. With ROI we can see, how much we gained in some period (one year for example).
  • Profitability is the ability of a business to earn a profit. It is Profit / All Losses. For example, we played 365 games and our record was 195–170. In this case we lost 170 bets * $100 = $17000. Profitability = 2760 / 17000 = 0.1623 or 16.23%.